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How to Make your Coils and Pods Last Longer

How to Make your Coils and Pods Last Longer

Ok, so this question gets asked time and time again but the answer you get can be different every time!!

Let’s break it down.

What is inside a coil?

A coil or pod is essentially a mesh/wire surrounded by various forms of cotton. When the fire button is pressed, it heats up and vaporises the liquid on the cotton as you inhale.

Where does it go wrong?

Simply put, if the cotton dries out while you press the fire button, it will start to burn, resulting in a very bad taste along with a very harsh throat hit!

Tips in a Nutshell

  1. Always Prime your coil or pod (check out our guide here)
  2. Always keep your tank or pod full, and don’t use it on less than half a tank full!
  3. Only press the fire button when you’re actually inhaling! Holding down the button to check if the device is working just heats up the coil and can lead to premature coil burn.
  4. Always switch off your device when you put it in your pocket! This is not so common sense and we have loads of people who burn out their coils or even worse, a hole in their jacket because the device was still on! This is very important for your own safety, so please switch off your devices when not in use.
  5. Do not chain vape, as in lots of pulls one after the other, as this dries the coils out very quickly by not giving the cotton time to saturate or wick the liquid.
  6. Always Bed your coils in! Start at a low wattage and gradually take it higher especially with higher-wattage coils.
  7. Always use the recommended wattage range.

That's about it really!

Oh wait, we do get another couple of question too!

Why does my coil taste burnt but coil doesn't look burnt?

It’s very hard to tell, but sometimes if you use your coil well below the recommended wattage then the liquid forms a sticky residue on the coil and instead of vaporising it crystallises so that you either get a burnt taste or you get no taste at all.

The easiest solution to this problem is to increase the wattage of the coil to the recommended range and take a few pulls to clear the crystallised vape juice off the coil. The only downside to this solution is that you will be inhaling some pretty burnt or harsh stuff!

Why does my new coil taste burnt?

There are a couple of reasons why a coil might taste burnt. Normally, you’ll get that harsh, burnt taste from a new coil if it hasn’t been primed properly.

Another reason for this is actually very simple but often overlooked. Lots of vaping devices ask you if you have put a new coil in or not. You need to select new coil so that the device can read the correct resistance.

If your device shows an incorrect resistance it can lead to premature coil burn. The easiest way to make sure is by taking the tank off and pressing the fire button – when you do this the device should say “no atomiser”. Then screw your tank back on and when you press the fire button it will ask you if it is a new coil or old coil. 


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