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The Definitive Guide to Priming your Coils and Pods!

The Definitive Guide to Priming your Coils and Pods!

Here at Vape Shop Birmingham we get asked about priming coils and pods a lot and find that different vape stores offer very different answers, but we can confidently say that we know our stuff on this subject! We know it can be very confusing for a beginner or even a person who has been vaping for a long period of time.

Pods and coils are effectively the same inside: with a pod the coil is encapsulated in a case that holds the liquid, whereas the coil sits inside a tank that holds the liquid.

Coil Basics

So how do coils work? Essentially, a coil consists of a wire or a mesh with a form of cotton wrapped around the outside of it. When you press the button on your ecig, the wire or mesh heats up and vaporises the liquid that is on the cotton.

If the cotton is dry then you will get a burnt taste when you inhale - this is definitely not desirable. You want the cotton to be completely saturated with liquid at all times.

Priming Coils

  1. If the top of the coil is open wide enough to see the cotton around the heating element then place a few drops of liquid on the cotton all the way round holding the coil at an angle so the liquid does not go into the centre of the coil.
  2. Place the coil into your tank base according to manufacturer instructions with the base off the battery or mod. This is important to make sure the pin is not being pushed up on spring loaded mods and batteries.
  3. Put your tank together and fill with liquid all the way to the top covering the entire coil with e-liquid.
  4. Now while your tank is off the battery, Take 10 to 20 pulls as if you are vaping. These are dry pulls - what we are doing is sucking the liquid into the coil and removing any air. You should be able to taste the flavour slightly. If your tank has a variable airflow close it halfway, if not don't worry.  
  5. Pop your tank on the battery and start vaping at the lowest setting recommended for the coil, gradually increasing to the level you like best.

Priming Pods

  1. Fill the pod with e-liquid
  2. Without putting the pod into the system, take 15-20 pulls as if you are smoking. You should be able to taste the flavour slightly. This is to drag the liquid into the cotton and make sure it is completely saturated before we start using it.
  3. Pop your pod into the system and start vaping.

Making the Coils and Pods Last Longer!

  1. Keep the pod or tank filled up above halfway. The more liquid you have on the coil, the longer it will last as gravity does its work and keeps the cotton moist.
  2. Only press the button once you have the ecig in your mouth. Pressing the button too early makes the coil extremely hot and results in liquid vaporising off and drying the coil, producing sizzling and popping noises.
  3. Always switch your device off when putting it in your pocket or your bag. If the device is on and the button is getting pressed accidentally the coil can heat and burn. This also reduces the battery life.

So there you have it, the Vape Shop Birmingham guide to priming coils and pods! Always stay safe and enjoy your vape,

The Vape Shop Birmingham Team



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