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Nicotine Shot and Short Fill Guide

Nicotine Shot and Short Fill Guide

The Vape Shop Birmingham Nicotine Shot and Short Fill Guide makes mixing short fills to the right strength as easy as reading a chart!

Types of Nicotine Shots

A nic shot is a small, 10ml bottle of flavourless nicotine solution that can be added to high-VG short fill e-liquids for that extra nicotine hit! It was designed as a solution to TDP regulations that specified a 10ml upper limit for all e-liquids containing nicotine – luckily the vaping community are an innovative lot and were able to find a brilliant work-around!

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of nic shot:

Regular Nic Shots

These are 18mg Nicotine shots and are normally between 50/50 VG/PG to 100% VG. The VG/PG ratio doesn’t matter too much, the type of nic shot you choose will depend on your personal preference. To find out more about VG and PG, check out our blog about the differences here.

Nicotine Salt Nic Shots

These can be 18mg or 20mg and are just like regular Nic shots but use Nicotine Salts instead of regular nicotine. This means the nicotine has a salt molecule attached to it which makes it smoother and faster-acting so it absorbs into your body quicker. You can check out our Nic Salt blog for more info.

Iced Nic Shots

Iced Nic Shots are normally 18mg and between 50/50 VG/PG and 70/30 VG/PG. They have cooling effect so any regular liquid can be made icy and already iced liquids can be made super cooling. Exercise caution when adding to existing menthol liquids as it may give you brain freeze!

Mixing Guide

The guide below shows how many Nic shots you need to add to different sized bottles of short fill liquid to make the right strength nicotine.

nicotine shot guide

How To Fill a Short Fill Bottle

Adding nicotine to your own liquid may seem daunting but it’s actually really straightforward. The Nic Shots come in the same bottle as your regular 10ml e-liquids which makes decanting them really easy.

This diagram shows a simple three-step process to get you vaping quick. If you want a little more information, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Grab your short fill bottle and your nic shot bottle.
  • Unscrew the short fill lid and pop off the nozzle or top cap.
  • Open your nic shot bottle.
  • Squeeze the contents of the nic shot into your short fill bottle.
  • Replace the short fill nozzle or top cap and screw the lid back on.
  • Throw away your nic shot bottle and wash your hands!
  • Shake your short fill bottle to mix the liquids.
  • Steep the liquid for better flavour (optional).



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