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Free Same Day Delivery available in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Surrounding Areas, Order before 2pm! Next Day Delivery for the whole of the UK!
Free Same Day Delivery available in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Surrounding Areas, Order before 2pm! Next Day Delivery for the whole of the UK!
Alternatives to Disposable Vapes!

Alternatives to Disposable Vapes!

Are pod kits a better alternative to disposable vapes?

There is no denying disposable vapes are popular and very easy to use. With an explosion of flavours and a sensation that directly replaces the need to smoke a conventional cigarette, these products have revolutionised the vaping industry.

Disposable vapes have helped many smokers and previous vapers who found e-cigarettes 'too harsh' turn to vaping and enjoy a smoke free lifestyle due to the super smooth nic salt liquid. Products brands such as elf bars and geek bars raised the popularity of vaping amongst the entire world!

The vaping industry is still young and superfast developments have lead to bigger and better value vape bars such as Elux Legend 3500 and RandM Tornado 7000 products gaining popularity. However due to TPD Regulation restrictions imposed on maximum volume of liquid inside of a single tank or disposable pod is limited to 2 ml they are now prohibited from sale in the UK.

There are a few negatives of disposable vapes which has been highlighted recently. The amount of waste associated with disposable vaping products as the majority of these vapes are sent to landfill and is now being recognised as a huge problem for local authorities due to fires from the batteries!

The popularity amongst youngsters due to current trends is also alarming and we are cancelling orders daily from teens trying to buy online. Hence why we use the AgeChecked app!

Although disposable vape devices provide the ultimate convenience and taking the packaging off is all you need to start vaping this does come at a literal price as most bars only contain 2ml of liquid at around a price of 5 for £20 whereas you can buy a 10ml bottle of nic salt equivalent to 5 disposable bars at £4.


  • Convenient
  • Easily accessible
  • Taste amazing
  • Smooth nicotine delivery just like a cigarette
  • Satisfying
  • No hassle


  • Expensive
  • Generates a lot of waste
  • Nicotine delivery is not adjustable
  • Appealing to youngsters
  • Did we say expensive?

So what's the alternative to disposable vapes?

Most pod systems are a brilliant alternative to disposable vapes. 

They are easy to use, with minimal hassle. Starter kits and devices have come a long way from the traditional electronic cigarette. Using instant heat technology and auto draw activation there is only a few things that set them apart.

Most pod systems work in the same way as disposable vapes with the addition of a pod at the top which is refillable. Although the pod is disposable on most pod systems some do have a replaceable coil which cuts down the waste element by over 80%!


Vaporesso XROS nano pod kitVaporesso XROS 3 pod kitCaliburn A3 pod kit

Combined with NIC SALT e-liquids you can replicate your favourite flavour in a environmentally friendly and rechargeable pod system. Not only saving the environment but saving you heaps of money in the process! It's also easier to reduce your dependence on nicotine as liquids are normally available in different strengths and devices can also have variable power to help. We have a huge selection and most of them are the same flavour liquid as disposables for example Elfliq is made by Elf Bar and they are identical flavours to disposable Elf products. You also have the Bar Juice 5000 who were first to market with same taste as disposable liquids. IVG Bar Favourites and Doozy Vape Bar Series are also following the trend so there is a nic salt flavour for everyone!



  • Rechargeable
  • Less Waste
  • MUCH more economical
  • Better Taste
  • Adjustable Nicotine Strength
  • Satisfying


  • Just a tiny bit less convenient!

To stay successful in your new venture of smoke free living it is important that any product you choose is easy to use and comfortable for your vaping habits. Here are our recommendations.

Check out these Pod Systems and ditch disposables!

Vaporesso Xros 2

Vaporesso Xros 3

Vaporesso Xros Nano

Uwell Caliburn A3

Uwell Caliburn AK3

Aspire Flexus Blok

Pod Systems with variable wattage

Uwell Caliburn X

Smok Nfix

More Advanced Pod Systems!

Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Vinci II

Voopoo Argus



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