100% Menthol Tobacco By Riot Squad

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100% Menthol by Riot Squad - Tobacco

New from Riot Squad. The 100% Menthol Range -Tobacco flavour is a cold menthol with a creamy tobacco.

The Riot Squad 100% Menthol range, uses the same hybrid nic salt blend of nicotine that has proven itself to be incredibly popular in their previous range of e-liquids.


100% Menthol by Riot Squad - Tobacco Flavour

Brand: Riot Squad

PG/VG Mix: 50/50

Flavour: Tobacco, Menthol

Size: 10ml

Strengths available: 10mg & 20mg


These bottles are 10ml bottle and are available in both 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths.

Riot Squad Hybrid Nicotine Salt Juices and are best used with pod devices. 



The 100% Menthol Range Hybrid Nicotine:

Riot Squad's Hybrid Nic Salts is a brand new type of nicotine that is a 50/50 blend of Freebase (Just like our short fill Nicotine Shots) and Nicotine Salts.

With a 50% 50% blend of freebase nicotine and salt nicotine you truly get the best of both worlds.

Allowing for great flavour and quicker nicotine delivery while still offering a smooth throat hit.

Even 20mg vape juices aren't so harsh with Riot Squad's Hybrid Salt e liquids. With that being said 20mg is still a high amount of nicotine, we at Vape Shop Birmingham recommend using them on a mouth to lung device or a pod system. Not recommended for use with a high powered sub-ohm mod.