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Free Same Day Delivery available in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Surrounding Areas, Order before 2pm! Next Day Delivery for the whole of the UK!
Free Same Day Delivery available in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Surrounding Areas, Order before 2pm! Next Day Delivery for the whole of the UK!

Disposable Vape Alternatives Information

This is for those who may be considering switching over from disposable vapes to refillable vape kits.


Disposable vapes have been immensely popular since being introduced, the convenient nature of them makes them really attractive to us in the fast paced world we find ourselves in every single day, but is there a better, cheaper option?


At first glance, it's understandable if you think a refillable kit with as good flavour as the disposables are actually less cost effective, but here at Vape Shop Birmingham, we know that's not the case, and we'd like to fill you in on why we believe this.


While there are many expensive vape devices out there, and this may be the most appealing option to some, there are also a lot of devices out there that cost £25 and less, that offer as good flavour if not better, than what the disposables offer.

Being almost as simple to use as disposables are too, they are much more cost effective and a lot more environmentally friendly in the long run, allow me to explain why this is the case.


Inside a typical 600 puff disposable (think of the Elfbar or Lost Mary) there is approximately 2ml of e liquid, with a price of £5 each if bought individually. Inside a 3500 puff device (Elux Legend and others) there is roughly 8ml of e-liquid inside, and lastly, inside a 7000 puff disposable, there is around 14ml of e-liquid inside, great deal right?


What if we were to tell you, that for the price of just two 7000 puff disposables, you could get a device with 2 free bottles of e-liquid, which is equivalent to 20ml of e-liquid and 3 extra bottles of e-liquid, bringing your total e-liquid count up to 50ml of e-liquid?


This would be 22ml more vape juice than you would get inside 2 7000 puff disposables, and the greatest part? This device can be used over and over and over again, and it's incredibly easy to switch the flavours you're using too!


We even have a price comparison here for you, Disposables vs E-liquid:


Price comparison disposables vs e-liquid

How, you ask?


With our special offer on the Uwell Caliburn A3 pod kit found here, at a price of just £19.99, we are offering you the device itself and 2 free bottles of Bar Juice nic salt e-liquid, so you can get that smooth, flavourful vaping experience you're used to, if you want to get the extra e-liquids as mentioned above, we highly recommend Bar Juice or the IVG bar favourites range, for flavours that are as good if not better than your favourite disposable flavour.


Uwell Caliburn A3 kit

Both of these ranges of e-liquid have a special offer if you buy 3 bottles, 1 bottle would be £3.99 or we offer 3 bottles for just £9.99. Taking it back to the price of the 7000 puff disposables, this is £4.99 cheaper and actually gives you 30ml of e-liquid, over double the amount!

Bar Juice Kiwi Passionfruit and GuavaIVG Bar Favourites Fizzy Cherry 10ml


If you use the Elfbars or Lost Mary disposables, then this amount of e-liquid, is equivalent to that found in 15 Elf Bars or Lost Marys! Making it around 6 times cheaper to use e-liquids!


Another alternative that we highly recommend are any of the Vaporesso XROS pod kits, found here, which all also come with 2 free bottles of Bar Juice e-liquid, although at a slightly higher price, ranging from £19.99 to £24.99, these devices all offer incredible flavour, and give you more battery life than the Caliburn mentioned above.


Vaporesso XROS 3 kitVaporesso Xros Nano pod kit



But aren't these devices complicated with coils, refilling etc?


There was a time where vape devices were fairly complicated, with messy coil changes, and awkward methods of refilling the tanks, and having to worry about breaking the glass tanks on the devices. Thankfully, things have changed a lot over time, and now, with the above devices, refilling and coil changes have become incredibly simple.


The Caliburn A3 pod kit and the XROS devices suggested offer a top fill system, where you easily snap the mouthpiece off the pods themselves, and fill e-liquid through a red hole, it really is as easy as that.


Also, these devices don't use replaceable coils, so no need to worry about messy coil changes, the only thing you replace is the pod itself. Each pod will typically last from 10-14 days, usually after this amount of time, the pod will give either a burnt or incredibly muted flavour.


Each of the devices also come with a spare pod, so that's up to 28 days of vaping with just the included pods.


Please take care after refilling the pods, it's important that you either leave the pods for 5-10 minutes to allow the liquid to saturate the cotton inside, or if you're in a rush, remove the pod from the device, and inhale on the pod alone about 5-10 times, this will pull in the e-liquid and saturate the cotton to avoid burning the pods out instantly.


The devices also use USB type C charging cables, and charge up really quick, while offering a pass-through feature, which means you can still use the devices while they are charging, to ensure you can keep on vaping.