GeekVape Geek Bar Pro 20mg Disposable e-Cig 1500 puff

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New GEEK BAR PRO Disposable Pod Device, constructed in an all-in-one disposable design, is small, compact and easy to carry. Powered by a 850mAh high voltage built-in battery, GEEK BAR PRO Disposable device exceeds the battery capacity of the regular disposable devices by 20% which provides longer-lasting vaping time.

Because it is disposable, the device adopts a draw-activated mechanism, without filling juice and charging. GEEK BAR Pro disposable also has a translucent hexagonal lamp with stunning luminous effects. The light changes when vaping in and out. GEEK BAR Pro integrated larger E-juice capacity tank, pre-filled with 4.5ml of 2% nicotine salt e-liquid. Providing up to 1500 puffs to satisfy your longer-lasting enjoyment.

Geek Bar Pro is going tobacco-free with synthetic nicotine! Taste exactly the same, but GEEKBAR Pro improves the products by using new ingredients derived from various plants rather than tobacco. With a constant output system and smooth airflow channels, GEEK BAR Pro provides consistent fresh flavour and deep satisfaction.

Product High Light:

  • Incomparable flavour with 2% nic salts
  • Crystal-clear hexagon with carved diamond shape
  • 4.5ml juice for max 1500 puffs
  • Solid throat hit with deep satisfaction
  • Stylish design with comfortable hand feeling


  • 1 x GEEK BAR PRO Disposable Pod Device 850mAh



  • 850mAh High Voltage Battery
  • Size: 24.7 x 22.6 x 109.0mm
  • Up To 1500 Puffs
  • 1500 ≈ 125 puffs * cigarettes
  • Pre-filled 4.5ml E-liquid
  • 2% Salt Nic Content (20mg)
  • Premium Organic Cotton
  • 3.6V Constant Voltage Output
  • Upgraded Mouthpiece 


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